SGW -- Yes -- you did -- But since I used the skates -- why once a year -- I was reluctant to spend the money -- Now -- of course I know you were right -- But that is nothing new -- you were right most for the skates I borrowed from that guy -- His fit me perfectly -- + he spoke of getting a new pair because they didn't fit him -- So I shall see --

M.W. "Let me tell you two little incidents

1) "Bird story (crows)

2) you cain't miss it"

SGW -- Oh -- oh -- your bird story -- wonderful -- I read to Ben + MAD -- + they were entranced -- with the beauty of it [pression] -- Oh -- my dear --

So -- "you cain't miss it" Well -- we have our counterpart in the farmer from whom you may try to get directions -- Remember -- you describe where you want to get -- + when you are finished -- He pipes up with an (Eh?) -- + Back you go all over again -- this time -- you get -- a prolonged "Oohh -- yaas !)" -- + then the words come slowly -- slowly -- (Result you forget at the end what he said at the beginning) Ha! Ha! "you cain't miss it" -- ye cain't miss it!

M.W -- oh -- yes -- your "senses" game was fun --

SGW -- (with pose) Thank you -- cookie!

M.W "What about may W's new prosperity?

SGW -- money rollin' in at the "guess where" --

R.T are the initials (humor?) -- Ben W. says -- he has had many lean years -- comes it a time when even the laws of chance must give a guy a break.