[heart and arrow sketch] Feb- 14-1944 (Monday)

Dearest - my sweet-

After the tears have dried - after the thousand memories have flooded my mind - after I have looked + laughed as your feature until somehow I longed to be in those arms + kiss those lips - after all of these and many other emotions that fill me when I think of all you have been to me - + are - and will be - When I can feel you - love sweet are today to me - I received your bouquet - for St. Valentine's day - an old fashioned one with a doily - and your sweet sweet poem - It came to me at first so I read it that you must be close - Love - but then I remember - + suddenly - Asked myself - where - how - what - The ? Yes - darling - How did you manage it? When I have quieted down a bit + your remembering - That I will begin to rationalize. The licsences - wonder who you directed to send the flowers to me - + even began a little investigation - at the moment - I only want to look