at them - + keep thinking of you - Do you mind - But - even while I lie my mind rest - I wonder did you order them just so - You must have - How else could anyone know how much I would love so quaint, charming + even a corny a valentine - Oh dearest. Thank you ten million billion oh [illegible]. At long long last I am at a loss for words.

Anyway Happy Valentine Day to you wherever you are tonight. If only the stars were out if only our beloved moon were out to say Hello to you for me to transmit my message. But darn it the sky is just a bucket of water overturned. The earth is a mess of slush and water running into more water running into rivers. So knowing the dampness of wherever you are my darling let water run into water into ocean into clouds, into fog, into rain into you and there you have my message for perhaps it is better than the moon. They mingle with my tears tonight. Please forgive the tears but they make me feel good after they dry. I know I can go on and on and on.