Today? Another Monday another beginning of a week. I know will slip by on "cats feet" quietly and quickly. Thank Heaven. I received your 2/4 letter today too and was angry with the Post Office which is supposed not to be stopped come rain, sleet, etc etc. It seems that "War" is not included in the good old saying and I have grave fears for the mail bag that carried my letters written from the very heart of me each and every single day darling. I do hope you will yet receive the letters but if you haven't or won't and something has happened to plane or ship please never never think that you are writing not a word never. I, thank God receive your mail tho I would give much to have it turned around tho it is important for me to know that you are OK. And even if I didn't get your letters you must remember that there can't be a void because I am here and I write, write and think of you constantly. Back to today, went to work in freezing cold slush frozen stuff in whatever queer shape it had started to melt into, wind whipping the face. Thank Heaven our office was warm today.