Was not too busy. Worked on my selective service case then had dinner out as Mad is away and I intended to go the Selective Service Board but it rained so hard I longed for the inside of our house and was I glad to get home because there waiting for me was my lovely Valentine. Later I called my Mom and heard disheartening news. Dad is very ill again but bad with his skin disease and I am a little concerned. But then he is going to Florida next week and at least there will be the hope that he will get better - I hope I hope. You know hon that disease of all things can get me down but then we have come thru it and this time it will be so much better because Dad will get away. Just now I am listening to the "Blue Danube" and I can never fail when I hear Strauss, to call to mind a round table good food, wine an accordion, a violin, you close at my side holding my hand, slightly swaying with the music and the looks that pass between us are those that we know must last for a long time and we are trying so hard to get everything into them. The picture is so clear that I almost relive it each time it comes to mind and set to music. Wow! Well my dearest one I may have sounded retrospective tonight but I must cling to what I have had and hope of what is to be!