It is pleasant though being able to write this way almost like talking. So my sweet go on enjoying yourself through this is 2/14 and your furlough may be almost over. I hope you find loads of mail when you reach camp. It will sort of make a pleasant transaction to your return. I hate to say "Good night" tonight I don't even put that note of inanity to this evening and this letter. I shall have my bouquet in front of me for as long as it will still have even one petal left. So you see St. Valentine's day won't be just one day for me. May I sent you back your poem to me it was lovely and it goes back as it came to me and you will know that my eyes have read it and it filled my heart. They have come from afar, these words of mine, Across the sea, along the wind and brine. Could I forget you on this Lover's Day? [illegible] on you, evil thought, [illegible] away! For this day is holy - I drink good wine to thee my love my one true Valentine, Moe W. Back to you my sweet, Syl