Wed. Feb. 23, 1944 at home— 11 P.M. E.W.T —

Hello— darling—

Received your— Feb. 14 letter today — + how good it was to see it lying there on the stairs when I walked out the house — Truthfully, if I hadn't received it — I would have been disappointed — altho I really shouldn't have been considering how mail has been coming — But today — finally after 4 1/2 weeks of silence —Ruth Kessler received 10 letters from her husband in Italy — + two girls received their first mail from abroad after 7 weeks after their husband's left the States — So — the excitement caught me today — + I sort of wanted to share it — Also — today Florence [illegible] called me (me — authority) to ask me all about procedures etc re: husband's on the alert — It seems that Sam F. is going soon — or may have gone as she received an APO #.