Apparently, he doesn't get there VOC — or OCS. — + he is on his way north [illegible] Hdquarters Company as Personnel Worker — He is — (or was) in Baltimore on last Sunday when Florence visited — + she didn't know whether the receipt of the APO card today meant that he was on the way to a P.O.E — or was already sent out — I'm afraid I was unable to advise her — In any case, if Sam F lands in England, I shall send you his address —+ perhaps you will be able to meet — somewhere — somehow — Poor Florence — I know what she is going through + oftentimes I am glad that that phase is over for me — + not something I should still have to look forward to facing —

Called Olga — that I couldn't meet her tonite for dinner because Dad is leaving for Florida tomorrow — + I had to go + say "Good Bye" — + assure him that we would take care