[illegible] sounds — How I should have loved to have been with you — So you saw [Mrs] [illegible] again — See! I am so very pleased you ran into Claude — If it weren't for that you should never have had the opportunity to feel [at] least the [illegible] + pleasure of dropping in casually into someone's home — + had — too the opportunity of attending your [illegible] of acquaintance to the [illegible] — So please don't forget the thank you note. In fact — I am enclosing — a few [illegible] which I should like you to forward to her for her kindness.

So — Minnie [worked] — and days [illegible] — as I thought — I am glad you were able to tell me about it — but — darling — you didn't mention your [illegible] — I am so glad your [illegible] ended when it did — because the papers + radio are full of the stories of the terrific punishment London has been taking since Friday nite — Poor [Martin] —I am sure his vacation is really being spoiled by the Blitz —