18743 FRENCH COLONIAL CAVALRY Here is a picturesque scene. With what sensations must these swarthy sons of the desert parade the broad boulevards of Paris, the handsomest city in the world! Accustomed to the wide, silent spaces of the desert where for mile after mile stretch sands illimitable, their boundary the horizon; how strange to them are paved streets, row upon row of tall stone buildings, the crowded thousands on the sidewalks, the roar of traffic in a great city. Yet an Arab disdains to show astonishment. Whatever their emotions, the faces of these men are impassive. Erect and warlike, they ride proudly through these pulsing thoroughfares. They have come to fight for France, their foster mother. And they are redoubtable soldiers. They proved their worth on many a stricken field during this war. Unlike Germany, France knows how to govern her colonial subjects so as to retain their affection and loyalty. Here they come, these stern warriors of another clime, their pennons fluttering to the breeze. See how the horses match, in size and color! What perfect alignment they keep, scarce a single horse's nose in advance of its mate! An Arab and his horse ar one. Parisians welcome with open arms these foster sons who have come to join them in battle against the enemy; these men of another religion, of other customs, other aspirations, yet one with them in loyalty to France. They look with interest upon the strange attire and admire their martial carriage.

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