Boston 13th January 1797.

My [illegible]

Being well persuaded of your knowledg Possesssing as I do, [illegible] evidence, of your friendship [illegible], I am persuaded that you are readily betweene when I say assured may we when I assure you that my silence hitherto has been the effect of my [illegible] To minde myself upon your doing doing that during the all important [illegible ] to prevent amoment, the difference being and confillerateory you and make give to the [illegible] important fulyeds yesstrare conflants before you - although thesame cambe contesme, to present my interreseophon use I am apprehensive - Jamestown, that you may think, one unmindful of your kindnesses especally after, the recall of the [illegible] you [illegible] by [illegible] - Bingham [illegible] Thesol of