Chapter VIII. Pennsylvania. James Forten - John B. Vashon - Major Jeffrey - John Johnson and John Davis - Wm. Burleigh - Conduct of Colored Philadelphians during the Pestilence - Charles Black - James Derham- The Jury-Bench and Ballot-Box-Gleanings.. 166-197

Chapter IX. Delaware. Prince Whipple - The Colored Soldier at the crossing of the Delaware - Proscriptive Law.. 198-200

Chapter X. Maryland. Thomas Savoy - Thomas Hollen - John Moore - Benjamin Banneker - Frances Ellen Watkins.. 201-213

Chapter XI. Virginia. The last of Braddock's Men - Patriotic Slave Girl - Benjamin Morris - Consistency of a Revolutionary Hero - Simon Lee- Major Mitchell's Slave - Gen. Washington's desire to emancipate slaves - Hon. A.P. Upshur's Tribute to David Rich - Tribute to Washington by the Emancipated - Aged Slave of Washington - Insurrection at Southampton - Virginia Maroons in the Dismal Swamp.. 214-230

Chapter XII. North Carolina. David Walker - Jonathan Overton - Delph Williamson - George M. Horton.. 231-235

Chapter XIII. South Carolina. Hon. Chas. Pinckney's Testimony - Capt. Williamson - Sale of a Revolutionary Soldier - Slaves freed by the legislature - Veteran of Fort Moultrie - Jehu Jones - Complexional Barriers - Revolt of 1738 - The Black Saxons - Denmark Veazie's Insurrection in 1822 - William G. Nell.. 236-255

Chapter XIV. Georgia. Massacre at Blount's Fort - Monsieur de Bordeaux - Slave freed by the Legistlature.. 256-264

Chapter XV. Kentucky. Henry Boyd --- Lewis Hayden -- The heroic and generous Kentucky slave... 265-276

Chapter XVI. Ohio. Cleveland Meeting - Dr. Pennigton - Extracts from Oration of William H. Day - Bird's-eye view of Buckeye progress.. 277-285

Chapter XVII. Louisiana. Proclamation of General Jackson - Colored Veterans - Battle of New Orleans - Jordan B. Noble, the Drummer - John Julius - Testimony of Hon. R. C. Winthrop - Cotton-Bale Barricade.. 286-306

Chapter XVIII. Florida. Toney Proctor.. 307-309

Condition and Prospects of Colored Americans....311-381 Appendix....383-396